The Toler Carr Group (TCG) is a certified SBE,MBE,WBE,CBE Project Management firm located in Los Angeles County. Professional Services include Planning, Design Management, Building Information Modeling Management (BIM), Project Management, and Construction Management.

We pride ourselves on being responsible for outlining our client’s vision, integrating effective project management tools and controls throughout the project life-cyle, and maintaining trust and integrity with all team members.

Who We Are

We are a dynamic, and creative Project Management team with over 20 years experience delivering superior design and construction management results by providing professional services for clients in diverse industries, including retail, commercial, hospitality, public works, infrastructure, environmental, and cutting edge themed entertainment.

TCG is responsible for outlining our clients’ project vision, and providing sound management advice, while assuring that the design and construction teams indoctrinate the best Architectural, Engineering and Construction industry standards.
By coordinating the planning, design, and construction phases we assure that the integration process is complete and integrity is maintained throughout the project.

We are also effective at coordinating the strategic and implementation plans for using Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology to improve the planning, design, and construction processes and facilities life-cycle.

Toler Carr Group is accomplished in effective project management and assures that the end-users proposed design and visions are transformed into architectural and engineering realities.

We assist with synchronizing efforts and goals among multiple departments, team members and stakeholders to ensure timely, on-target projects. We also inspire client satisfaction, subsequently, securing repeat business.

We hold Professional Engineering licenses in the States of California, Arizona and Florida.